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M&BM Ltd performs its courier activities countrywide through its subsidiary M&BM Express Ltd. M&BM Express Ltd has been granted licenses by the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) for executing non-universal postal services (certificate № 0085/27.09.2007) and universal postal services (certificate № 2-006/ 05.07.2007). The technical potential and structure of the company are oriented towards servicing corporate customers that have monthly mailing of at least several hundred letters.

The company has established offices in all 28 (twenty-eight) regional centers and has points of presence in over 220 (two hundred and twenty) municipals. The staff engaged with the courier activity is over 860 (eight hundred and sixty) people. M&BM Express Ltd utilizes a transportation park of over 80 (eighty) vehicles equipped with GPS devices for security, control and traffic optimization.

To guarantee the quality of the performed services M&BM Express Ltd uses specialized information systems. On the basis of the address information provided by the customer in electronic format M&BM Express Ltd performs the so-called geocoding, in which GIS (Geographical Information System) is applied and, as a result, the distribution and delivery of the packages is optimized. M&BM Ltd updates its address database constantly and is able to provide its customers with information in electronic format for all non-delivered packages and the respective reasons as well as to recommend updating and/or correction of customer’s address information.

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